Healthy Mouth,
Healthy You!

A movement beginning in Eastern Kentucky to improve oral health and overall wellness!

What’s your mouth got to do with it?

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Oral Health Awareness


Impact of Oral Health on Physical Health

Oral Health is an important part of your overall physical health. When you take care of your teeth, you are taking care of your body.

Children's Oral Health

Teaching children about proper dental care (brushing and flossing) and regular dental check-ups will help set up a good habits that will last a lifetime.

Getting to Know Your Oral Health Partners

Your local dentist is your oral health partner. Get to know the people who help you take care of your teeth and what a dentist visit looks like.

What is this?

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You is an initiative of Volunteers of America Mid-states and the Kentucky Beverage Association focused on understanding the importance of oral health and making healthy choices.

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